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Craft unique merchandise and lasting relationships with our Italian artisans

Experience seamless personalization and quality craftsmanship for impactful gifting and merchandising for your brand.

Personalized made in italy bag
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Forge lasting relationships with quality custom gifts

Opt for thoughtful, customized gifts over impersonal choices. With an array of artisan-crafted products, we guide you in creating the perfect, meaningful gift, handcrafted by Italy’s finest artisans.

Exalt your brand with premium corporate merchandise

Quality merchandising amplifies your brand’s impact. Choosing made in Italy pieces ensures craftsmanship and authenticity, setting you apart in the market. Elevate your brand with Italian excellence.

Tennis racket holder made in italy
Personalized made in italy bag
Personalized beauty case
personalized linen keychain
friulane made in italy personalized
personalized leather goods
personalized leather keychain
Tennis racket holder made in italy
Personalized made in italy bag
Personalized beauty case
personalized linen keychain
friulane made in italy personalized

Elevate your events with personalized products

Personalized products elevate your event to the next level. Opting for high-quality items crafted by Italy’s finest artisans ensures you leave a lasting impression. Make your event unforgettable with premium, made-in-Italy goods.

Craft unforgettable moments with tailor-made artistry

Custom-made products are the ultimate touch for special occasions. Designed to meet your specific needs and crafted by Italy’s top artisans, these items make your event truly one of a kind. Choose tailor-made for an unforgettable experience.

Tennis racket holder made in italy

One-stop solution for all your fashion productions

Italian Artisan is a one-stop solution that transforms the production process. Our secure and user-friendly B2B platform guarantees premium quality fashion productions while minimizing risks. You can easily select suppliers of your choice.

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Our platform empowers you to effectively mitigate production risks by facilitating direct communication with manufacturers. Receive comprehensive support at every stage through our dedicated project management team and stay informed with a user-friendly dashboard. Monitor all pre-production and production phases seamlessly, from the initial contact to product delivery.

We give you maximum support to lower risks and ensure successful productions

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Italian Artisan is a specialized platform dedicated to empowering international brands with the unique value of Italian craftsmanship. By connecting brands with a curated network of skilled Italian artisans, we enable the creation of exquisite, made-in-Italy collections. Our mission is to streamline the production process, ensuring quality, exclusivity, and authenticity in every piece. Whether you're looking to launch a new line or elevate your current offerings, Italian Artisan is your partner in bringing the unparalleled excellence of Italian manufacturing to your brand.

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“Partnering with Italian Artisan for production has been outstanding. They’ve protected our designs, seamlessly turning our dreams into reality.”

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“Italian Artisan has been key in linking us with reliable suppliers, saving time and resources. Their support and meeting facilitation have been invaluable.”

Galia Dirany


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