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The story of Antonella: the Timeless Blouse Artisan


Meet Antonella from Bari, Italy

Made in Italy (and Puglia)

A bright figure sometimes emerges in the vibrant fashion scene, adding authenticity and passion to the industry. In 2019, Antonella from Puglia, in the South of Italy, gave birth to an authentic blouse company, transforming her love for fabrics, design and the Apulian territory into a fascinating reality.

Armed with dedication and creativity, she forged her unique path, combining the art of craftsmanship with the timeless elegance of blouses. Each item, with attention to detail, is precious in its minimalist simplicity. Through her work, Antonella has shown that fashion can be more than simple trends: it can be a valuable garment, able to tell stories and inspire anyone who wears her creations.

Antonella decided to create her own company to enhance the potential of the resources of the Apulian territory, promoting economic development focused on the figure of the artisan and their professional and technical skills.

“I want to preserve the specialisation of the Apulian territory, the tradition of cutting and sewing by hand, the result of skilled artisans from Apulia, and the high-quality sartorial craftsmanship”, says Antonella – a member of the Italian Artisan community.

Compared to mass industrial production, artisanal production embraces the “slow fashion” concept: a movement that celebrates the thoughtful, meticulous, creative process that generates a virtuous circle of positive impacts. Each piece of clothing made through craftsmanship is a tangible testimony of love for the craft and commitment to the environment and the territory. The artisans’ expert hands transform the fabrics, sewing with passion, precision and attention to detail.

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Virtuous and Sustainable Circle

Antonella’s approach to fashion goes beyond the simple trend of the moment, emphasising durability and intrinsic refinement. The demand for conscious fashion finds a tangible answer in artisanal tailoring in a world increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical impact. Moreover, adopting this “slow” philosophy is not only an intrinsically local movement. Still, it reflects a virtuous glocal economy with respect for local resources and a glocal vision of sustainability and style.

“We want to create products that result from a clean, responsible and guaranteed supply chain. The real Made in Italy does not allow opaque passages but a transparent path of product creation, putting the figure of the artisan at the centre. The goal is to restore dignity to the artisan figure”, says Antonella.


Silk, Craftmanship and Tradition

Antonella’s blouses are cut and sewn by hand by skilled artisans. Hand-stitching silk fabrics require a great deal of expertise, which makes their craft precious. The silk comes from the best silk mills in the Como area. These blouses are designed with sartorial simplicity and lasting charm in mind, making them a perfect fit for discerning customers who appreciate the work of artisans.

The aesthetics and design of Antonella’s creations are minimalist, far from an aesthetic rich in too complicated silhouettes, to keep faith with the “timeless garments” without following the trends of the moment.
The centuries-old tradition of Made in Italy for Antonella goes perfectly with the digitalization of the fashion sector. The synergy between craftsmanship and technological innovation can open new horizons, improving the efficiency, precision and accessibility of their creations.

“Contemporary artisans cannot ignore technology as a tool to expand their business. Italian Artisan has helped me a lot to create a transparent relationship with international brands, so it is easier and more reassuring to control the entire production process”, says Antonella.

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