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The Story of Whale Tail Weaving

whale tail waving

Designed in Massachusetts, Made in Italy

Preserving American Tradition with Made in Italy

In 2017, a visionary woman named Bridget embarked on a remarkable journey to revive an ancient craft and breathe new life into traditional bag baskets. With a passion for preserving the artistry of weaving, she founded Whale Tail Weaving, a company that would become synonymous with the fusion of tradition and fashion. Bridget’s story is a testament to the power of tradition and determination, as she set out to accomplish a mission many deemed impossible – making woven bag baskets not only functional but also incredibly fashionable. Her story is one of resilience and creativity, and it all started with a simple dream of connecting the past with the present in a beautifully woven tapestry of style and heritage.

Based in Massachusetts, USA, Bridget grew up in what was once considered the whaling capital of the world. According to the traditional stories, between riding out a big storm in a lightship or harpooning a whale from a clipper ship, sailors would often carve whale bones and weave baskets. When they came home with the baskets, they became purely utilitarian, and grew to become family heirlooms, passed down through generations. 

Today, Whale Tail Weaving honors that history and offers modern pieces of wearable art that hold true to America’s whaling and lightship history.

whale tail weaving

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Whale Tail Weaving Creations

Over the years, Anna has had the opportunity to refine her technique for the production of many product categories, from evening dresses to leather bags. Her experience and extreme flexibility have led her to expand her production horizons and not stop at a single product category.

Her thirty-year experience, then, gave her the opportunity to develop the patterns of a product from a simple inspirational photo, as well as the search materials and all the other details that lead to the production of the finished product.

“Thanks to Italian Artisan I realized my dream: to work with international brands and produce for them impeccable Made in Italy products. I tried for years to realize this dream with my husband, but only now thanks to the support of the team and the platform I could make my passion truly international.” – Anna, member of Italian Artisan community

whale tail weaving

Why Bridget Choose Made in Italy

According to Anna, Made in Italy is the X factor that gives all – international and Italian brands – a priceless added value, made of care and attention to detail, taste and style that give every brand the uniqueness it deserves.

What has fueled for years Anna’s passion and dedication for Made in Italy productions is fashion in its purest state. From the beginning, and still today, she remains astonished just watching the fashion shows of the main luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Versace, constantly being inspired by the final performance of a 100% Made in Italy finished product.

“An exercise that I love to do when a brand tells me and describes the product they want to create, is to imagine it already in my head, and then put it all in making it as it was thought and achieve results that leave everyone breathless,” says Anna – member of the Italian Artisan community

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