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The Story of Sarah Maier: Luxurious Shoe Design

sarah maier

Meet Cláudia, Founder & Designer of Sarah Maier

Portuguese Design

In the enchanting world of high-fashion footwear, there exists a story of a visionary Portuguese shoe designer whose journey of innovation and elegance led her to the heart of Italy’s artisanal shoemaking traditions. 

It’s the story of Cláudia, a Portuguese Designer, who created her fashion brand Sarah Maier in 2020 in Lisbon taking inspiration from her travels.

Sarah Maier’s shoes are made 100% leather and crafted by artisans using sustainable techniques and raw materials.

In a bold move that resonated with both her creative aspirations and a commitment to quality, Cláudia embarked on a remarkable endeavour to produce her exquisite shoe collection in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, where every stitch and detail embodies a legacy of unparalleled excellence. 

“Our mission is to create sophisticated and elegant shoes for women, bringing customers comfort and happiness

– Cláudia, Founder of Sarah Maier

sarah maier

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From Shoes to Bags and Accessories

What began as a passion for crafting exquisite shoes has blossomed into a full-fledged collection that now encompasses not only footwear but also an array of luxurious bags and accessories. This transformation owes much to the invaluable support and collaboration with Italian artisans, whose time-honoured craftsmanship and dedication to perfection have played an instrumental role in this creative evolution.

Together, this dynamic fusion of Portuguese design sensibilities and Italian artisanal expertise has birthed a collection that seamlessly marries elegance, functionality, and unparalleled craftsmanship, promising to captivate the hearts of fashion aficionados worldwide.

sarah maier

Made in Italy Excellence and Support

Italy has always been my first option to produce my brand’s shoes because I like the way the footwear is manufactured in this country. I like the finishes and materials, and its extensive experience in shoes made it my first choice for production”, says Cláudia.

Italian Artisan encouraged Cláudia in constantly growing, by providing assistance with the production of footwear, always indicating competent suppliers within what are my goals for the brand.

With Italian Artisan, I’ve reached an improvement of production quality, in terms of production management and product quality.

Cláudia explains that the difficulty she had before meeting Italian Artisan was to find verified producers who would make a service of excellence. Italian artisan helped her overcome this difficulty by presenting to possible producers she chose according to her convenience. 

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