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The Story of Raffaella: the creative hand-made artisan

antonella creative artisan

Meet Raffaella from Andria, Italy

Creative Resilience

Raffaella’s story is an ode to resilience and the art of creating beauty even in the darkest moments. She is a creator in all respects, ready to inspire and enchant by her extraordinary life as a craftsman of Apulian fashion.

Raffaella has transformed every obstacle into an opportunity to express her creativity and redeem herself through the art of craftsmanship. She created her enchanted fairy tale, surrounding herself with artisan women who daily create Made in Italy products for brands around the world.

The idea of creating her own manufacturing company started in 1997, after years of experience in the wedding industry, from which she expanded into the furniture industry, then landed in textiles and much more. 

antonella creative artisan

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Circular Economy & Community

The principle behind Raffaella’s creations is the concept of cre-active recycling. The goal is to try to produce with zero waste, the tendency to recover material rather than create it from scratch, thus optimizing production costs for international brands.

In line with the current historical context of sustainability, Raffaella’s creations limit the use of chemical products to a maximum: colors are often created by crushing flowers, natural compositions and textile products that have minimal impact or zero are preferred.

In addition to attention to the environment, the other great aspect that characterizes La Favola Incantata by Raffaella is the community. Her collaborators, in fact, are mainly women with a difficult past, widowed mothers, precarious workers who in addition to having strong tailoring skills put their passion in every single creation and put in the pinch of their story in every single piece.

We are friendly on all aspects, from sustainable to inclusion, through ethics, people and passion for animals,” says Raffaella, member of the Italian Artisan community.


Handmade in Italy

Raffaella’s creations are handmade, 100% made in Italy and are the symbol of the artisan production that creates each product with the passion and uniqueness that only the “handmade” can give to a garment.

Fashion accessories, clips, bags, home decor and wedding. These are some of the product categories that Raffaella and her collaborators are able to create, paying particular attention to the local raw materials of the Puglia region, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding artisanal production. 

Craftsmanship is an imprint of quality, for those who really transform an abstract idea into a physical product, only thanks to their mastery” says Raffaella, “we love to make productions with low minimum quantities to give a soul to all products and make them unique”.

Raffaella defines her creative ideas as “sketches”, a basis that can serve as a starting point for the international brand but which she can then define perfectly according to her own style. This is why they love working through the Italian Artisan Catalog, which allows brands to give basic structures of a product, which are then made unique by the brand that selects them. 

For Raffaella, craftsmanship is a form of work that requires dedication, attention to detail and a deep love for what you do. It is not just about producing something, but about infusing each creation with a piece of your heart and soul.

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