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The Story of Tobia: The Leather Jacket Artisan

Meet Tobia from Solofra, Italy

The Tanning Tradition

Tobia grew up in the long family tradition of tanning in Solofrano, in the Campania region, one of the most important districts in Italy for high-quality leather production.

In 2001, Tobia decided to create his own individual project and establish a production company specialized in high-quality Made in Italy leather jackets, for both men and women.

With his manufacturing company, Tobia wishes to carry on a dream that respects the moral and economic dignity of the Italian craftsman. To him, the Italian artisan constantly focuses on the development and knowledge of the manual skills of his city.

The district of Solofrano, where Tobia has grown his passion, specializes in the production of leathers for clothing, footwear and leather goods. It is especially famous for crafting the most famous jacket in the world: the one worn by Michael Jackson in the video Thriller.

We want to re-evaluate the manual skills of artisans as a cultural and artistic heritage, being able to contribute to the creation of valuable handicrafts that can be appreciated all over the world”, says Tobia, craftsman and member of the Italian Artisan community.

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The Leather Jacket Artisan

Tobia’s creations are based on the processing of leather from raw product to finished product, taking care of the smallest details of the product with the guarantee and professionalism of the made in Italy.

With his production company, Tobia creates clothing using both Custom Designs for brands, designers, or retailers, starting from scratch with the brand’s idea, and from Catalogues that offer ready-made structures requiring only customizations.

Tobia’s main focus is on trendy leather jackets, recognizable and unique due to the craftsmanship passed down through generations, combining tradition, passion, and innovation. Each product carries a story, meticulous care, and unparalleled attention to detail.


A Made in Italy Story

Creativity, professionalism and Made in Italy are the trademark of Tobia and his team.

All the products are handmade by the artisans in their Made in Italy atelier, from the selection of leather to the cutting and assembly, using excellent leathers treated with detail.

Italian Artisan has helped me expand to international brands, retailers and designers, overcoming Italian borders and opening new business opportunities for Made in Italy” says Tobia.

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